Friday, October 22, 2010

Restaurante Lima 27

This restaurant is a shame. Restaurant Lima 27 (Calle Santa Luisa 295, San Isidro) is an excellent example of the point we have been stressing since starting this blog: a good restaurant is not the same as good food.

Upon arriving, we found hostesses that were vulgar and very poorly presented. Service was disastrous, with an Argentine Maitre'd that was a bit too friendly, and with waiters that seemed to be confused and speaking aloud among themselves. They didn't know the menu. They were slow, and constantly bumping into each other. Every so often, an individual dressed in yellow made its appearance, obviously a guy in charge of cleaning the bathrooms. What was he doing in the dining room? It took 30 minutes to bring coffee and the check, and we are almost sure that they switched a US$20 bill for a counterfeit one. We called the "Manager" who had a good attitude but no effectiveness, and perhaps should go back to managing the Fast Food Chicken joint that no doubt, he is used to run. A very vulgar experience.

The good: excellent decoration, very good food that mixes Peruvian flavors with fresh ingredients and Mediterranean tastes. The best was the Sommelier (we recognized him as having been in Central): a Connoisseur, and with many options under his sleeve for pairing. Correct and pleasant. Congratulations to him.

Let's hope they close soon, because the Chef seems to be excellent. Otherwise, this place shames the efforts of real Peruvian restaurateurs trying to elevate Peru´s gastronomic experience.

Salvador e Illuminata

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