Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cafe del Museo, Museo Larco

The Larco Herrera Museum (Av. Bolivar 1515, Pueblo Libre) has been thoroughly modernized and the exquisite collection is presented now as in the best museums in the world. But what is also wonderful is the Cafe del Museo, a restaurant in the gardens of the museum with a rustic but elegant decoration. Service was extraordinarily good, in an environment surrounded by flowers and with typical but sophisticated "comida criolla." The combination of the museum with the cafe makes this Museo Larco a destination to spend half a day in a sophisticated and very clean location. The only criticism (unfortunately quite common to other restaurants) is that the menus were very dirty. Why can't they print new ones each time they get dirty?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lunch at Madam Tusan

Lunch at the recently inaugurated Madam Tusan (Santa Cruz 859 Miraflores) demonstrates that Gaston is able to put in place first class restaurants under a variety of themes. This time around, this peruvian "chifa" combines Chinese food with Peruvian "criolla" food, but unlike everyday chifas, Madam Tusan offers sophistication, cleanliness and good service. The serving sizes are medium, and the dishes excellent, without exaggerating the grease but producing a fusion that highlights the great flavors of these two universal cuisines.

The decoration is international and trendy, appropriate for a first class chifa, and service is dedicated and very knowledgeable of what they have to offer, the way it should be. The only thing lacking is a wine list, given that strong white wines or most reds would accompany well these fantastic dishes.

Highly recommended for an informal but excellent experience.

Salvador and Illuminata

Sunday, April 17, 2011

El Hornero San Isidro

El Hornero in San Isidro (Francisco Masías 505, corner with Los Rosales) is fairly big and with high ceilings. The meat is of good quality. Our service was adequate, knowledgeable and correct. But the ambiance is horrendous, dirty, and with flies. The food is heavy, greasy, and plain. On Sundays it is full of families with unpolite children that yell, and people that eat with their elbows on the table. Avoid the pain of going there.

Salvador e Illuminata

4D Ice Cream Parlor

We don´t understand why this ice cream parlor (4D in Angamos Oeste 408, Miraflores) is so popular. It is a hot and dirty place, where the chairs are tiny and the service is terrible because of the crowds fighting to reach the bar. The "Moreno" ice cream, which is supposed to be Stracciatella with peanuts and toasted almonds covered in chocolate does not exist, i.e., they have an extremely cold ice cream with too many peanuts that hide the poor chocolate and no almonds whatsoever. Upon complaining, they said "nobody complains." Our point exactly, reflecting upon both their poor clientele and the lack of interest of 4D to do things right.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trustees Dining Room, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

The Trustees Dining Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (4th floor) sports white linen and is definitely superior to the Petrie Court Cafe (see entry under it). The prix fixe menu at US$43.00 per person is very good, and the options of wine by the glass (additional cost) are well chosen. Service is excellent, and the view (if you get a window overlooking central park), is unmatched. Nevertheless, hygiene is poor: dirty glasses and small details such as dry pieces of lettuce attached to the bottom of the bread plates took away from the visit. Lets hope it was an exception.

Salvador and Illuminata

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pescados Capitales

Sunday lunch at Pescados Capitales was a disappointing. The ambiance invites to run away, full of tourists and poorly dressed people. The service has improved somewhat, but it continues to be artificial and of extremes: either the waitress are nowhere to be found, or they appear to be listening attentively while looking elsewhere. The uñas de Cangrejo were poorly prepared. Illuminata´s tiradito and my Chita con Tacu-tacu were good and saved the occasion. Nevertheless, we don´t plan to go back.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amor Amar

We went back to Amor Amar, where fortunately they now serve lunch on Sundays. It was a pleasure to confirm that service and food have maintained their excellent level. As we have extensively described it earlier, the place is very well put together. In addition, there is an on-site Art Gallery with good young artists among whom are noteworthy names such as Firbas and the ubiquitous Marcelo Wong.

The fish, meats, and desserts are first class. Service was perfect. This is highly recommended for a quality informal experience. The only criticism is that the menus were dirty: why is it so difficult to print new pages when they get dirty?